Thursday, August 21, 2008


Sitting in mah room, sipping tea,
I wonder about the place called WIMWI,
About its little quirks and strange ways,
The laughs, the cries and the fun filled days.

I will miss these red bricks,
Paining poor facchas with our silly tricks,
Oh, those euphoric tempo shouts,
And the all-night CS bouts.

Damn, exchange program is about to start,
Why do I feel a tug in my heart?
Germany, Paris, Sweden, Rome,
All that is crap, this IS home!

These lines were written by Gagandeep Singh, a batchmate at IIMA, about to go on exchange to Europe for 3 months.

Even though I am not going on exchange anywhere and will stay put on campus for the next 3 months, my feelings are much the same.

I have been home for the past 2 days and most unexpectedly, I miss my campus and I miss my life there. I am going to go back there on the 31st, but I have begun to dread March 2009, when home becomes just another place where I studied once.

Here's to the best damn institute ever - I truly love WIMWI!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

A weird little story

"So what is it that you most want?", he asked the young man.

The young man took 2 milliseconds, the time it takes for you to process what the other person has asked you.

He closed his eyes, he knew he didn't need to say anything else. The Giver would understand what he wanted.

Death, the sweet end he had waiting for, would now come to him. At last, he got what he had been waiting for.

And as the final moments of his existence neared, he opened his eyes. "Ha ha ha!", his laughter rang sonorously on The Giver's ears.

"You still didn't give me, you still didn't know me!", he jeered at him ruthlessly. "The Giver, Oh! The Giver!", he sang in derision.

And then he closed his eyes. Forever.