Saturday, February 25, 2006

Bin Ticket ke Yatri!

Home sweet home! Back in Delhi, really looking forward to the IMS workshop for call getters tomorrow in Connaught Place, which for me is the liveliest place in Delhi. Also hoping like crazy that there are some extremely hot looking females at the workshop, probability of which is less since hot looking females don't really go after IIM's and the likes of it because I guess beauty and brains don't seem to go together and when they do, I'll fall in love with whoever she is.

I came to delhi by train today. Ticketless. For the second time I guess, since joining Thapar. As I was leaving college, Sorab, a friend from first yr commented that since we are travelling ticketless today, we are sure to run into the TT. And sure enough, just as I had settled comfortably into an empty seat, Sunny, my co-traveller came running to inform me that Murphy's law had once again proven itself true- when something can go wrong, it will. There were two TT's standing right next to the seat next to ours. In my 2-1/2 years of travelling in a train I swear I have never ever met a TT and each time I bought a ticket. Just when this one time when I thought of being slightly adventurous, a man named Murphy spoils the party.

So finally, we ended up running towards the opposite end of the train, luggage in hands, away from the villains of the story, hoping fervently that the train doesn't start moving. But in the end we did find the seats, avoided the TT, did our nation a great disservice by saving ourselves 75 bucks each, so a little bit of running is a small price to pay.

Next post on my trip to my favourite place- Connaught Place

Thursday, February 23, 2006

After the Massacre!

Exams are finally over!!!! and boy am I relieved. In one plain simple tiny little word , exams were as I have already said- a MASSACRE!

I was just reading Aman's blog

....What is the most important factor that makes an engineer a good one? Knowledge? Being innovative? Revolutionary thinking? Inquisitive nature? Well, thats what it should be ideally. But at TIET, thats not the case. What is it that makes a topper at this institute? Not knowledge, not being innovative, not being inquisitive, but rather the ability to score marks. Marks, marks, marks and marks. That is what a Thaparian is all about....

What you read above is what he wrote. The very valid point he raised was about our institute-TIET and how bullshitty it can get get sometimes. But I read this somewhere, that how good or bad an organisation or institute (in our case) actually is , is decided by it's culture which in turn is decided by the kind of workers or students and faculty members(in our case) and their attitude. Now our faculty is a synonym for the word hopeless but looking at us students, I am sure theirs gotta be something going on in our minds and actions too which is not the way it should be, that the culture in TIET is the way it is. I am sure you know what I am talking about. Just wanted to put my thoughts across that it always takes TWO TO TANGO!...;)

Coming to the Saturnalia front. We've made the impossible possible. Our batch will go down in the annals of Tiet's history as THE BATCH who revived it. Having been in the forefront of the Resource Generation committee which raised the money, I can tell you with total conviction that it's no mean achievement to go to any company A and ask them for a lakh rupees in exchange for something as trivial as publicity in a college which many hadn't heard of, at a festival they had never heard about. But, things worked out fine and I guess our numerous visits to Chandigarh, Delhi and trips within Patiala have paid off.

Talking of money, there is a lot of resentment among the final yr students who have 'contributed' Rs.200 each for saturnalia to happen. I'd just like to make it clear that your money is not the only money we have raised, as according to some people. It forms about 30% of the total money we have confirmed for sat. We have worked hard to raise the rest of the 70%. In this final lap, we need everyone's willing co-operation to make sat happen. Many of you might not share my enthusiasm for sat but as Aman rightly said- Thapar is all about marks, marks, marks and did I mention marks? and here's your chance to do something which is different and you've never done before and something you know will help you because of the kind of exposure you'll be getting. After all, have all of us been to a Mood-I or Rendezvous?. Agreed we won't get something as good as that, but something is better than nothing and this something will be better than any mudra or acumen or izhaar(for which you give 150 bucks anyways). I promise you that.

For those who still don't agree with me- eat your hearts out!'ve 'contributed' 200 bucks and you can't do shit about it!!!ha ha ha....;-)

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Exams are on from this saturday and I swear I am going to get a royal bitchslap on my ass. For the past 1.5 months studies was a concept that existed on the outside fringes of my life and Now that its turning into the nucleaus, I am one scared man!...that sounded weird but you get the idea. Just a matter of one week though. Hope it gets over soon. Pray for this poor soul!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Professionalism: Don't expect it from professionals!

Today, me, sahil, bengali and jassi went to Chandigarh. I missed a very important YKC lab to be in Chd by 5 pm. Reason? An appointment with Coke regarding sponsorship for Saturnalia(Sat). What do we see when we land there? No coke representative, inspite of having confirmed the appointment. I mean, however busy you are Mr. "professional", please take into account the fact that even though we are mere students, our time and resources are also important.

This is not a solitary experience. During the course of my work for Sat, I've encountered loads of such "professionals". This attitude of taking us complacently and giving us the short shrift, just because we are college students, really irritates me to no end. This isn't just about taking US setriously. It's about simple courtesies(hope the spelling is right) you need to extend towards your fellow humans. Had that idiotic coke fucker called us in advance to tell us about the change of plans, it could have saved us a lot of time.

Rest of the day was pretty good though. The best thing about life these days though is that I am not killing time doing nothing. There are loads of things to work for and look forward to. More on that next time!...:-)

Bull's Eye!!!

Today was my first GD(group discussion) class at Bulls eye institute Chandigarh in preparation for the FMS interview call. Nice experience and without too sounding too boastful i think i can say that i was probably one of the best speakers in class. But this was just 10 odd people, how the real fms session goes is still making me jittery, though today's session does leave me quite confident. Life is now going to become one big busride from Patiala to Chandigarh and back. Very tiring and hectic but atleast I won't just while away my time now.

On the Saturnalia front, things are finally looking bright. Sat looks like a very real possibility now. Don't ask me the exact figures but I'd give it 90(sat happens)-10(sat doesnt happen) chances. One of the most important lessons I have learnt through this experience is the value of the homework that is required to be able to organise an event of this scale. You can say that currently we are working in fast forward mode, but again, we wouldn't have understood it, had we not even tried.

One more issue that could snowball into a big controversy is the fact that we are taking Rs.200 from each student of the college in order to help finance sat. Obviously, we don't expect everybody to agree with this decision. I was talking to a few people in the mess just now and they registered their opinions with me. I expect the Dean of Student Affairs to receive atleast 10 applications signed by 100 students each in opposition to this decision.

I just want everyone to know that just for once think of doing something for your college unselfishly. No, I am not in love with this place either. Not in a 1000 milleniums. We might not be able to change a lot of things we don't like in this place, but this is one thing we can and I believe we should change. Don't most people crib about the 'lack of exposure', 'too much stress on academics' etc. in patiala? Well, here is your chance to change things. I just want to improve this place, just a little bit because I believe that the opportunity to actually leave your impact and to change the system you don't like comes not very often. And we have that opportunity with us right now, to change Thapar Institute. So, instead of cribbing and criticising one more time, lets take the risk and see what happens with our 200 bucks. Hope my point gets through.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Latest news from my life!!

2 new developments-

1-I crashed a wedding today. Awesome experience.
2-This is by far the best new in a looooooong loooooooooong time

I'll just end it here coz am too tired and I really don't have any words to tell you how bloody elated I am...Thank you god!!!

On a parting note.. there is a 3rd development too but its still not concluded yet. I'll tell you when it does conclude. It's about...