Saturday, January 28, 2006

Why Am I Doing What I Am Doing?

Well, its been a very long time since I felt like writing my second blog entry.

So as the title says- Why am I doing what I am doing?. This refers to the work i am doing in order to revive my college festival Saturnalia. Now to all those thaparians reading this, let me just tell you that sat still is not confirmed; it might or might not happen.

Today we went to Etc Punjabi's office in Delhi. There we learnt what event management actually is or to say the least, got a glimpse into what it is like. In one line- it's a logistical nightmare.
This is because sat(short for saturnalia) is just 1 month away and we learnt just today what the correct strategy to organise an event so big should be. This problem of the lack of experience was always going to be there, because when you try to do something on this big a scale for the first time, there will be unseen obstacles and hindrances. No matter how much you try and plan, like we did, you will miss out on something, because of your lack of experience. Since we learnt just today , of our shortcomings, it made me think, think really hard. Why am I spending so much money and time on a festival that might just get scrapped off once again. We haven't spent days and nights on planning sat, as I now think was required. We all knew right from the start, that there was a very strong possibility we might lose in this gamble,as ppl in college are saying now too,that sat won't happen and we're just wasting our resources.

All that might just come true and we'll have ppl talkin about us as one more batch who tried and failed.

But. A big fat BUT.

We tried. That's what matters to me atleast. Now this is not an obituary on sat because we will give it our best shot. And with the new ideas we have, it certainly seems like we can do it. Just a little more time is what we need. But looking at the bigger picture, beyond sat, there is a lot we have learnt. This sounds so bloody cliched but thats the truth and this whole experience of trying makes it worthwhile, even if Sat doesn't happen.

I'll shut up now coz one sentimental night= an embarassing morning the next day!!...;)