Monday, December 12, 2005

Inspiration strikes me!

6 months after registering myself on this site, I am finally writing down something on my blog. The will to do this instead of comfortably reading a magazine under my quilt in my hostel room comes from a certain Mr. Ankur Malhotra in my college.

Less an engineer, this fellow looks more like a wandering dreamer. He should have been a poet or something, looks more that part. One of those 'devdas' kind of fellows. Why I am talking about him is that in a hostel full of loud, aggressive and at times senseless guys, this guy stands out.

Anyways, back to talking about my life. Since I am doing electrical engineering, machines has been a bane and a major one at that. Today the last of the machines subjects ended. The Asynchronous Machines endsem exam was today. And in one word, it was - PATHETIC!! That minor detail aside, I am just happy that this word-machines, has been erased forever and ever from my academic curriculum. Currently, nothing is more comforting than the thought of finally graduating from this salt mine without anymore hiccups and never ever coming back to this place. Though there's one full semester before that happens.

I have to say that inspite of all the hate and spite I have for this place, it's taught me lessons I would never have learnt, had I remained in my comfort zone in Delhi. I guess that's a fact most of us will have to begrudgingly accept. I guess it's got more to do with the lessons you learn living in a hostel away from your families, totally on your own. Living in extreme, ok not extreme but still quite cold without the simple luxury of a room heater(which is not allowed),eating some sticky paste supposed to be vaguely edible. These things are a given. The most important thing though is the politics and manipulations you deal with from your own batchmates. Be it extra-curricular events, studies it's everywhere. Stuff like this prepares you for the outside world though. Makes a man out of kids. You learn to be more accepting of others, you learn to compromise, adjust, most importantly, you learn to be independent. This place completely bitch-slaps the kid out of you.

I sound too pessimistic I guess. There's some really good things too about this hostel (NOT the college) which make living here worthwhile. More on that in the next blog. Got an exam to study for