Tuesday, October 12, 2010

iOS versus Android

Interesting metrics on how the Android platform is overtaking iPhones. Link. One very interesting comment was the following -

Jobs has done it again, just like he did it with the Macs in the 80s. iPhones will become a niche player in the mobile market, just like the Macs are a niche now in the PC market. Don't get me wrong he is a genius, in the 80's he was the one that made graphical interfaces for the OS very popular with the introduction Machintosh... Remember? It was the greatest. Then what happened, Bill Gates copied it and we now have the Windoze jargonaut. It could have been Apple instead of M$FT. What was Jobs mistake? He didn't allow vendors to clone his precious Macs. Instead Bill Gates welcomed them and the rest is history. Now Steve Jobs has done it again, he got into a corner with AT&T, and he has kept a tight grip on the developers. While Google is replaying Microsoft's killer tune... Remember this a couple of years from now.


Very interesting take on Apple's strategy. I was a toddler when the Mac actually came out so don't know the dynamics of Apple vs. MSFT then. Will definitely do some reading on this though. However, should be interesting to see the Apple vs. Android dynamics now. Is there a Macintosh Part 2 we have on our hands now?


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